Bounce Pro Inflatables of Tulsa

Bounce Pro Inflatables of Tulsa

What To Consider When Contacting Bounce Pro Inflatables Of Tulsa

What event do you have planned for which you need inflatables? Do you want to rent more than one? Remember that one thing you’re going to need to address is the space that these inflatables or bounce houses are going to occupy. The company will set them up, but you need the space in mind. And you need the right company, too. Could that be Bounce Pro Inflatables of Tulsa? 

There are different companies in the city of Tulsa that you could call. Why call Bounce Pro Inflatables of Tulsa? If they are the best company, the one that people count on, then you are likely going to discover the best inflatables at the best prices. What else do you need to know as you get ready to rent inflatables for your special event? 

First, let’s address that space that you need a little more. You are going to be talking over specs with the rental company, but it’s a good rule of thumb to know that many of the popular bounce houses are 15 feet by 15 feet. There are smaller versions, and there are larger inflatables as well. Plus, you know at that point if you plan on getting one that is the size mentioned, you need more than 225 square feet of space reserved for the inflatable. 

In other words, you need to leave a little extra room in order to get the job done. Inflatables have to be blown up to size, and that requires a blower. Naturally, a blower is going to require a power source. You are going to want to be sure that you have kept that in mind in regards to the space for the inflatables, too. 

Let’s say that the space you have is a little further away from a power source, and there is nothing you can do about it. Do you have a generator? If not, it’s okay because extension cords can be used. Additionally, they are supplied by the inflatables company, but you just want to know the situation so you can tell them in advance. You want the rentals company to be prepared, right? 

That’s why it’s a good idea to address these concerns ahead of time. Thinking about and planning everything out now is going to help ensure that the inflatables are set up properly and that all the kids have a great time. 

You also want to be watchful about your utilities, specifically power lines. The company isn’t going to set up anything near a power line, but the point is you need to plan your space selection accordingly. If you pick a spot on accident where an inflatable is too close to a power line, you’re going to be back at square one on D day.

The tips mentioned will help you get the best inflatable rentals for your event. Now you just need to communicate your needs to an inflatables company in Tulsa so that you can get a quote and all the details ironed out. It’s going to be one great party!

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